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Michelle Tribeau
Kanji ミシェル・トリボー
Romaji Misheru Toribō
Seiyuu Chika Arakawa
Age 13
Occupation Student
Group TBA
First Appearance
Manga Volume 1 - Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
This article is about Michelle Tribeau, a character from Story of World: Princess Magic. You may be looking for Michelle, for her appearance in Story of World: New Sunbeam Island.

Michelle Tribeau is a character in Story of World: Princess Magic. She is a Lovely type idol using pink as her theme colour.


Michelle has a light complexion with pink eyes and matching hair tied up in two buns held by long pink ribbons. She wears pink earrings with a winged heart at the bottom.

During spring and summer, she wears a white blouse with folded collar where a light pink ribbon resides. Along with a pink suspender skirts, frilly white socks, and light pink Mary Jane shoes.

For autumn and winter, she wears a pale pink hoodie with CUTE written in pink, light pink pleated skirt, and light pink snow boots with fluffy cuff that has a bunny head on either side.


Cheerful and very outgoing with a friendly disposition, eager to reach out to others with no hesitation if she wishes to get to know them or wants some advice. Michelle encourages her friends and is high-spirited, focusing all of her energy into goals until she reaches a satisfying result.

At times Michelle might sound a little clumsy, and she would rather be off eating than focusing on things like school, but if it will further her long-term plans she will go at them with full force. In addition, Michelle is very lovely and affectionate, and probably a little nosy if it means helping someone she sees in trouble. Usually has a role model.





  • Gauthier Tribeau (Father)
  • Carla Tribeau ((Mother)
  • Hugo Tribeau (Older Brother)


Michelle may get along with Germanic idols who share her love of 'small talk', Nordic idols for how soft their skin are, and Slavic idols. However, Michelle will conflict with Anglo-Saxon idols, who arrogantly assume that she should speak in front of older people with her strong confidence. In addition, she may have trouble getting along with normal villagers.


  • Specialty: Singing, cooking, dancing
  • Hobbies: Eating, dressing up, relaxing, shopping
  • People's first impression of Michelle is "lovely".
  • The first thing she does in the morning is to say "good morning".
  • Between sleep and meals, she prefers meals.
  • Her weakness is delegating tasks.
  • Michelle is the second protagonist in the main Story of World franchise (third overall) to have one older brother.
  • One bad thing about herself is that she can be well-mannered this moment and spoiled the next moment.


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