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  • Because I was bored and found these characters to be charming, I decided to make these and wanted to show you. I mean you don't need to do anything with them, I just did these for fun. I plan to make more of them from the ones you had me help describe~

    AGW 1 Maria Gianna Reni Rin
    AGW 2 Dana Christine Mitzi Verena Charlene JZ

    Keep in mind some little things are different because of limited options.

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    • Once they're grown enough, i'm sure they would be like that. What game are you playing it?

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    • OK, check this out.. Here's what I made of characters from this article. All pictures belong to games from Rinmaru games.


      Shiori (Sarah) and Kaoru (Klaudia) my DeviantArt.


      From left to right: Lillian (Normal), Mayuri/Melanie, Chieri/Cheryl, and Angela (as teenagers or adults).


      Ludwig (exactly looks the same as the original)

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    • Oh right XD I probably did make them look older than they are.

      I've played those games before, I love Rinmaru.

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  • Hello, I'm a member of FANDOM's Community Support team. We're excited to have Story of World Wiki as part of the FANDOM community!

    It may seem like there’s a lot to do, but we’re here to help make getting started quick and easy. Here are some helpful tips and links to get your community going:

    Have fun!

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