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Kanji クロウィー・ニーダーレッハナー
Romaji Kurowī Nīdārehhanā
Seiyuu Honoka Inoue
Age 13
Occupation Student
Group TBA
First Appearance
Manga Volume 1 - Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
This article is about Chloe Niederlechner, a character from Story of World: Princess Magic. You may be looking for Chloe, for her appearance in the game, Story of World: New Sunbeam Island.

Chloe Niederlechner is a character in Story of World: Princess Magic. She is a Cool type idol using blue as her theme colour.


Chloe has light skin with blue eyes and matching hair worn up in twin buns held by dark blue ribbon. Her forelocks are shoulder length and she wears black earrings with a music note on the bottom.

During spring and summer, she wears a white blouse beneath a blue dress that has a frilly petticoat and a short apron around the waist. Worn around the collar is a dark blue ribbon, and she wears frilly white socks with a pair of light blue flats with crossed straps.

For autumn and winter, Chloe switches to a long sleeved, pale blue top with "Blue Girl" on it and a dark blue checked suspender skirt. She also wears a white scarf with a red diamond drawn on the tail, white stockings, and blue shoes with darker shoe-laces.


Chloe is a outgoing, relaxed, and energetic girl who loves music. She is always happy and kind-hearted, making her seem very naive. Simple things such as eating sweets can make her happy, and she is fond of using the phrase "So-so happy!" to show her joy. In contrast, when things do not go her way, she shows her disappointment by saying "Gah..."



Possible Love Interest: Karsten Zietsch


  • Joachim Niederlechner (Father)
  • Birgit Niederlechner ((Mother)
  • Albert Niederlechner (Eldest Brother)
  • Andreas Niederlechner (Elder Brother)


  • Specialty: Piano
  • Hobbies: Eating, scuba diving, swimming, having fun
  • People's first impression of Chloe is "Cool entertainer".
  • In her report book, the teachers write "Chloe generates neat and careful work."
  • The first thing she does in the morning is to make her bed.
  • Even though she loves music, Chloe loves her career as a pianist because piano is the only instrument she plays, ever since her childhood days.
  • Between sleep and meals, she prefers meals.
  • She has a habit of clapping while congratulating someone.
  • Good at any school subjects except literature and history.
  • Chloe is the first character in Story of World series to have forelocks.
  • Chloe hates her name and prefers because she claims it doesn't sound German.
  • Her weakness is fish and shellfish.
  • One bad thing about herself is being impatient.
  • There is a rumour if her career as a pianist fails, the teacher would force Chloe to be a master chef since she is also good at cooking.


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