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Aria Ricci
Aria Ricci
Kanji アリア・リッチ
Romaji Aria Ricchi
Seiyuu Yurika Takahashi
Age 13
Occupation Student
Group TBA
First Appearance
Manga Volume 1 - Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
This article is about Aria Ricci, a character from Story of World: Princess Magic. You may be looking for Aria, for her appearance in the game, Story of World: New Sunbeam Island.

Aria Ricci is a character in Story of World: Princess Magic. She is a Lovely type idol using chocolate as her theme colour.


Aria has a slightly tanned skin with brown eyes and dark brown/black hair worn in braided pigtails held by pink ribbon. She wears gold hoop earrings.

For spring/summer, Aria wears a pale pink top with a light pink and white collar and short pink tie hanging from the middle. She also wears a brown bodice with four buttons and thin shoulder straps. Her white skirt has a wavy brown line around the hem and a trim of tan ruffles, along with a brown split peplum over it, with a red heart on each side. Her brown short boots have string lacing the center, paired with white tube socks that have a ruffled cuff.

For autumn/winter, she wears a pale pink long-sleeved top with a pink string ribbon tied at the neck, beneath a brown sleeveless dress with buttons on the chest and pleat skirt. This is paired with pale brown stockings and a pair of brown flats with ankle straps.


Aria's gentle appearance betrays her independent nature. She has a short temper and can be foul-mouthed and serious. Aria isn't afraid to speak her mind and she is naturally cynical and sarcastic. But she is a fiercely loyal friend who shows kindness to those who deserve it or have earned her trust. Aria is willing to fight for their sake and will apologise if she hurts them.





  • Paolo Ricci (Father)
  • Giacinta Ricci ((Mother)


Aria may get along with Germanic idols who share her love of 'small talk', Nordic idols for how soft their skin are, and Slavic idols. However, Aria will conflict with Anglo-Saxon idols, who arrogantly assume that she should speak in front of older people with her strong confidence. In addition, she may have trouble getting along with normal villagers.



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